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submissions for spy kids review are currently open until january 31. 

please send submissions to along with a cover letter and a short third-person bio. please also include your twitter handle if you have one. (if you are unsure about anything, joseph has written a guide on writing cover letters and submitting work for publication, which can be downloaded for free here)

if your work was published in our first or second issue please feel free to submit to our current issue, however if your work was in either issue three or four we ask that you do not submit at this time in order to give space to other voices. work submitted outside of our reading periods will not be considered for publication or responded to.

we publish a wide variety of work, so being familiar with what we've put out in the past isn't a necessity, all we ask is that you read through our guidelines below.


please submit up to 4 poems in one file, with each poem starting a separate page.

image macros 
please submit between 5 and 10 macros (please don't send less than 5). please keep in mind the page size of our printed journal is 5 x 7. we print in color.

flash fiction 
please submit up to 2 flash stories (about 700 words or less each) in one file, with each story starting a separate page.

short stories
please submit only 1 short story, about 1,500 words or less.

all other prose 
really, anything goes here. we'd love to read your
essays, dream journals, tweets, diary entries, etc. there's no limit on how many pieces you can submit for this, just please submit only one file that’s about 1,500 words or less in total.

  • please only submit original and unpublished work.
  • we prefer poetry and prose submissions in .doc, .docx, or .rtf (please no pdfs), for macros high quality .jpg or .png work best. 
  • you can submit to multiple categories at once, but please only one submission per category.
  • simultaneous submissions are encouraged, please just let us know asap if your work has been accepted elsewhere.
  • as to response time, we'll never silently reject a submission. if you haven't heard back from us within one month of a reading period closing, then we messed something up. feel free to email us to check what's going on.
  • at this time we are unable to pay our contributors, but all contributors to spy kids review will receive a contributor copy of the issue their work appears in as well as a forever place in our hearts.


manuscript submissions for 2fast2house are currently closed, however if you have contributed work to spy kids review in the past then we consider you part of our family and we will accept full-length manuscript submissions from you at any time <3